Welcome to Holistic PR & Marketing


Andrea Adler’s Holistic PR is a boutique consulting firm and creative springboard for businesses of all sizes to produce sustainable change and generate successful outcomes. We support, fine tune, and catapult businesses to the next level through our customized services: consulting, web creation, workshops, presentation skills and video trailers. We guide you and your team towards clarity, refine your brand, your story, to attract the people you want to serve.  Founded by Andrea Adler, known as the “metaphysical marketer,” Holistic PR’s methodology has become recognized for its integrated, multidimensional approach, and commended for its high integrity.

Andrea’s holistic, ontological method works with all facets of one’s business, from the emotional, physical, and linguistic to the metaphysical. Clients report experiencing an energetic alignment with their business and their lives, resonating more with their intention and who they are at the core. They soon attract those people, opportunities, and synchronicities that will assure them the success they desire.

An intellectual approach alone is one-dimensional and too linear. Adler works holistically, diving deep into the unconscious to remove the blocks that may be standing in your way – be it people or systems that no longer support the greater vision. Her process is extremely fast, weeding out the superfluous, shifting minds and emotions, showing you graphically how you can split the red sea, and walk on the yellow brick road.

Her mission is to be the catalyst for developing high integrity business models, motivating and guiding clients to realize their unique promise and achieve economic vitality.

Holistic PR offers:

  • Workshops
  • Tele-classes
  • Pod-casts
  • Lectures
  • Holistic PR Training Courses
  • CD’s
  • Books
  • Concept development
  • Consultancy
  • Presentation/Media Training
  • Communication Packaging
  • Web design (content, look and feel)
  • Branding