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IGNITE Your Genius w/ Spanda Meditation & Improv Games

An ideal workshop for groups and corporations.

Ignite Your Genius is an interactive, transformative training fusing meditation and improvisational theater games. What is unique about this course is, it demonstrates “meditation in action” instantly. We see right away, how the practice of meditation in combination with the improv games can accelerate our creativity, our focus and our intuition.

Spanda, a Sanskrit word meaning “throb,” refers to the pulsation before creation­­­­––the space inside of us, we get in touch with, and start listening to when we meditate. The fusion of Spanda meditation and improv games shifts the way we act and re-act to a myriad of situations, expected and unexpected. We let go of apprehensiveness, create fearlessness, and move into resonance.

We all need a pause from the mind and the computer screen.  We yearn to connect to what inspires us, to have clarity. We seek out processes and practices that encourage us to let go of unwanted thoughts and see the world with fresh eyes.

After a short meditation session, the improv games begin. The games start out very simple and become more complex as the day or weeks progress. As the improv muscle builds, participants become more agile and courageous. By stepping into unfamiliar territory, and using another part of their brain, the games become wildly stimulating.

Once the players go deeper into the process, they are challenged emotionally and intellectually—while having outrageous fun.

The combination of Meditation and Improv is a tested recipe for  SPARKS to FLY and  CREATIVITY to SOAR.

By creating characters and scenes, you are catapulted into higher states of consciousness. As you shift from character to character, you build the muscle of trust and self-confidence. You transcend your limitations of the familiar, courageously entering the unknown and release momentary genius.

This can be a 2 to 4 week training OR a one day workshop.

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Andrea, you have a fascinating history! Thanks for facilitating the Project Manager meeting in Foster City, 2/27/18. It was so interactive. I enjoyed the improv exercises. They allowed us to be playful and creative. It was great to collaborate with others and come up with stories.  ––Peggy Harris, Certified Project Manager

Andrea helped me to free myself from the chains of self-consciousness. Although I was an award-winning architect, I was nervous when it came to standing in front of an audience and speaking. Through improvisational exercises and unique speaking tools that I still use today, Andrea helped me to connect with my youthful spirit, my fearlessness, and how to step into a safe, creative field I had not experienced since my youth—while delivering architectural concepts. My business increased exponentially. I highly recommend her expertise.   ––Bruce Coldham, Architect

I am so excited to hear Andrea is offering this training. It’s the perfect combination. I was in her theater company in 1988. Her company changed my life. I had a blast every week. Meditation taught me to relax, and how to move through obstacles. The theater games helped me to develop my sense of humor and speak my truth. Her training recalibrated my brain and my life. I wish I lived close enough to take her classes again. Don’t hesitate!   ––Heather Raymond, Founder of an undisclosed technology company about to change the health industry.

Andrea’s workshop is like being in a cosmic classroom, the ultimate ‘think tank’ and coffee grinder of egos. It is a microcosm of the most sacred place, and an opportunity for each of us to evolve and bring our wealth of wisdom into the world.” ––George Field, Graphic Designer

Andrea Adler created a miracle in my life, and why wouldn’t she—being one herself? Andrea guided me—ever so firmly, gently, and magically—to present a one-woman show on Emily Dickinson. Her tactful honesty, inspired suggestions, and sincere encouragement comprise the much-needed directorial tonic that cured me of self-doubt. Andrea is a true blessing to all who have the good fortune to work… and play… with this brilliant, wise, and compassionate lady! ––Chetana Karel-Michaan

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