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The only true limiting factor each of has in our lives and our businesses is our own self. We may have circumstances, handicaps or situations that present challenges, but only we create our limitations. We all struggle with our walls, even though they are illusions. Andrea Adler, with love, gentleness and wisdom, creates a doorway, a bridge, a passage out of our cells into freedom.

Andrea is awesome, beautiful, peaceful, powerful and empowering. Her wisdom creates a doorway, a bridge and a passage out of our cells into freedom.

Larry M. Levine, President
Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


“Andrea Adler skillfully led me through a visioning process that brought a deep-seated clarity for my book project, and it’s direction. She then offered me many solid steps and contacts to help fulfill this vision. As a result of our time together I proceed in my life and my work with an inner confidence, knowing that my future already stands and beckons me forward.”

Sharon Weil, Author,
Donny and Ursula Save the World


“Andrea’s consulting helped me to create a clear vision of what I had thought was seemingly impossible. She has a way to dig deep and bring out the beauty, hope and prosperity in a business plan. Our business has grown exponentially because of her.”

Andy Keller, President & Inventor
ChicoBag Company


Sheer Brilliance.
From my first communication with Andrea, I felt confident that I had chosen the perfect marketing coach to work with.

The initial consultation I had with her was so much more than a business consultation as it started on a personal journey of transformation, through clarity. The 2-hour conversation left me feeling empowered and confident, giving me the courage to take the next crucial steps needed in my business development.

Our work together, now that I hired her to help me develop my website has been quick and concise. Andrea’s insight and wisdom have proven to be key factors in the synthesis and collaboration of the business. She seems to effortlessly tap in and know exactly what is needed. Her love, passion and integrity for what she does, is clear through her work and her everyday personal interactions with me.

As we work together, my faith and trust has been well placed.

Joanne Farrell, Founder


Andrea Adler intuits your needs before you state them. Many consultants give good advice but Andrea Adler’s “Great Advice” comes from her True Insight into the Global Centric Vision which is her client’s real offering. Her extraordinary ability to listen provides a space for transformational messages for those who want to bring their gifts to humanity. The high frequency energy is than grounded in practical specific suggestions. Truly an “Initiation into Magnetism!

–Victoria Friedman, Co-Founder,
Vistar Foundation


Andrea Adler has a unique ability to help you uncover your soul’s journey and translate that into a practical roadmap for creating the future you want to live.

Claude Stein, Director
The Natural Singer Workshop
Voice Leader Corporate Trainings


Thank you Andrea for your time and assistance in helping me envision and brand my business. It was exactly the clarity I was so needing. I feel great relief now . . . knowing how to move forward. The feelings of expansion, openness, and connection to source and my truth that I experienced during our session isn’t something you could have ever explained to me with words. I’m grateful I trusted my instincts and hired you for an individual consultation. I know my business endeavors will be much more fruitful and on target and deeply connected to my spiritual purpose as a result.

Ellen Philbin, The Hera Coach


Andrea is a bright, talented, intuitive PR and marketing person. I had a very insightful consultation with her where she helped clarify my next direction and created a map for how to get there. This was invaluable to me.

We are also working on the content of my new website together. I love that she is on time, delivers what she promises and does a great job. She’s direct and says things straight and to the point and keeps me on schedule to get things done quickly.

Darlene Basch, LCSW


Andrea, I can see and feel what you bring to the table. There is definitely a strong need for what you offer, especially in the holistic/spiritual community where so many of us either have an aversion to the business side of things, haven’t taken the time to learn it, or just can’t wrap our heads around how to apply it to such intimate and spiritual work. Thank you so much.

Deana Pacqua, Embody the Sacred


Our session with Andrea was out of this world! We have been able to let go of stale ideas which had us stuck, and are now embracing a whole new f.Boo Music! Almost immediately we felt it’s impact as the flood-gates opened! Pouring in is wonderful help, resources, and new clients. Our bottom line has improved and our excitement is through the roof! Thank you, Andrea.

Robin and Keven Brennan, f.Boo Music


I needed to get clarity on my purpose and create a vision for myself that I felt was totally achievable. Andrea provided just the right structure for me to explore my inner landscape and to discover what was truly important and meaningful for me to pursue. Through an in-depth process of visioning and sensing the places I felt most alive, I ended up with a comprehensive blueprint to bring my vision into reality. Andrea’s expertise in spiritual marketing provided me with a concrete map and direction to accomplish my goals in a way that is compatible with my values and who I am.

Workshop Facilitator, Gayle Olander


After months of laboring over marketing books for a literature review, contacting marketing professionals in business and education, I finally found satisfaction in my quest. Andrea’s approach to marketing utilizes the body-mind-spirit connection, uniting my personal and professional strengths to employ marketing.

Unlike the heady and complicated theories I’ve waded through, Andrea clearly guides connection to one’s professional worth and skill, the core self. She then facilitates this core strength into concrete, clear communication of one’s value to the appropriate audience.

Kim Schmidt
Dance Movement Therapy


Because of my work with you, Andrea, getting clarity on my product and how to market it, played a huge part in having Macy’s department store in NYC call, asking me to send my product line sheets for review. Thank you for being a part of my miracles. I know all the energy behind what you do made this manifest.

Kristen M. Ernst
Life Path Living, LLC


Andrea Adler is awesome! After a one-hour marketing class with her at ISIS bookstore in Denver, I was so impressed that I bought both of her books on the spot, registered for the July 19 workshop, and scheduled a telephone consultation with her. During our call, I decided to work with her on my website. I already feel a shift in my consciousness! Andrea is very intuitive and clairvoyant, and walks her talk.

Barbara Hagerman, EFT Practitioner


Andrea Adler provided me with a visioning exercise that allowed me to think freely and with my whole heart. Giving myself permission to embrace my dreams and then go out to do the work was extremely helpful. Sometimes, we forget our motivation. The daily grind of living can be distracting. I highly recommend Andrea and her process for living outside the box.

–– Savona Bailey-McClain


My consultation with Andrea was very clarifying and inspiring. Andrea offers a very sacred and practical path for translating your spiritual calling into a viable and successful business. I look forward to continuing to work with Andrea to bring what I love do to a larger audience. Thank you Andrea!

Tracy James
The Being Method


If it were not for Andrea’s support, my business partner and I would not be together. Andrea encouraged us to be honest with each other, talk about our fears, and open our hearts to our own knowing so we could move forward.” I so appreciate her wisdom.

Harmony Rose West, Co-Founder


“Andrea has an uncanny ability to stimulate creativity and vision, guiding you to the possibilities that await you for your work and your life. She knows PR, and has a passion for applying its principles specifically to holistic practices.”

Marilyn Gordon, hypnotherapist, teacher, author


Andrea Adler’s work has made an incredible difference in my practice, vastly increasing the number of people seeking out my services. She listened and responded to my wishes to present my work in a professional, exciting manner that opened people’s eyes to the real power of Chinese Medicine to transform their health.

Joanne Ehret, Lic Ac., D., Dipl. Ac. (NCCA)


Andrea’s workshop blew me away! I felt so empowered. She mirrored the beauty of my soul and my power to find my sound byte. I saw that my task was to express what I do and not look anywhere else — to have faith. As I find the courage to express myself, I find I can keep my power. And in the presence of someone like her, I’m able to reach down and see it in myself.

Nancy Doyle,
Administrator for a hospital, soon to shift gears


Andrea has a rare gift for assisting you to find and manifest your own path step-by-step into fruition. She skillfully inspires and guides you in doing the work that you came here to do.”

Andrea positive support and critical feedback both strengthen my confidence and open pathways for realization of my dreams. With her insight and suggestions, my ideas are taking root and creative juices are flowing. She is a jewel of resources!”

Joan Whitaker, The Whitaker Touch


Andrea is exceptional at what she does as a coach and as a guide. I received both an energetic alignment with my life purpose as well as a path to complete it. I feel relieved that I no longer have to worry or doubt the next steps. I am excited to move forward now with renewed strength and vigor. I am truly grateful for her incredible insight and direction. I totally trust in her approach.

Gedalia Genin, PhD, Intuitive Grief Coach


After taking the workshop with Andrea things started falling into place. Her direct style, confidence and insightfulness led me through some blocks that were hindering me from moving forward. I now have clarity of vision along with the tools I need to focus on where I want to go with my practice. Andrea is blessed with a dynamic energy that makes wonderful things happen!

Lisa Cioppettini, Business Owner


Andrea is a great listener. She had the ability to unearth the truths in my story to great affect. She reminded me of the power of a daily practice that keeps me open to possibility. Her energy helped me step in to my greatness. After our work together things began to open up more than I could have dreamed.

Gregg Baxter, Founder SIP H20


“Andrea’s process allows me to “experience-forward” the deep joy and fulfillment of all aspects of my business while creatively assembling its parts.”

Michael Maaskant


“The depth of the writing meditations allows me to have breakthroughs that otherwise might take hours or days. This is the result of Andrea’s clear examples, processes over the phone, and her overall level of intention, experience and care.”

Sophia Bowie-McCoy, Ph.D., Moving Intentions


“Andrea is a wise guide/catalyst down the vast river of expanded awareness. She has created a safe harbor where we (students/participants) can comfortably, spontaneously and seamlessly move inward, outward and boundlessly forward. Andrea’s systematic process intensifies and reveals who we really are. All the while helping us discover how to live more fully from the heart-which is the home where our true self dwells.”

Sharyn Jordan Hathcock, The Home Whisperer


“My session with Andrea was quite refreshing after having dealt with other marketing professionals who did not understand the holistic field of business. I found her very easy to work with and very much appreciated her humor, encouragement, and her ability to bring me back to focus when my attention derailed into a negative outlook.”

Naomi McDonald, Massage Therapist


“I meant to write you since mid-month in April as it has been a year since I met with you to do the ‘consultation process.’ I took out my notes just to look at what I wrote for the ‘1 year’.

Here are the things I wrote:
– My home in town is furnished with nice items
– decorated with my own photos √
– nice plants on balcony

– Mountain house is landscaped √

– I enjoy gathering of friends at my home √

– I travel to Japan √
– Spend a good time with husband traveling the countryside √ (without husband)
– Taking pictures, writing stories about my travels √

– My photos are on exhibit in gallery √

– Work that are meaningful and fulfilling come my way easily √

– I’m busy but not stressed √

– I’m healthy as ever √

I was really excited to read my own note as 90% of this has come true. (10%: That my husband didn’t get to go to Japan with me, and our balcony is still not populated with plants.)

But the most amazing part was that my photography took a completely unexpected turn but in the direction of the Visions I had in our session.

I have been in TWO GROUP exhibits: one in Virginia, and one just opened in L.A. a couple of weeks ago with 500 people coming through. I had a SOLO SHOW at a local restaurant in Santa Monica. I’m sure you are familiar with 17th Street Cafe (now it was called, Jack’s on Montana). It ran for 2 months. I ended up selling pieces!!!
And I’m totally on the path to getting my photos published writing stories about my work!

Besides, I really feel healthy today.
I haven’t got sick for more than 2 years.

It’s been a GREAT JOURNEY.
I know there were a lot of factors into it, but I wanted to THANK YOU for giving me the biggest nudge that helped me to move towards my true vision.”

With gratitude
Izumi Tanaka Photography


“Andrea helped me to create a vision, and then step into it in this present moment for my work that is holistic, attainable and visionary. I am seeing how the framework she guided me to establish is a guidebook for my business to succeed.”

Barbara Neiman, Author of
“Mindfulness and Yoga Skills for
Children and Adolescents. Anxiety.