Holistic PR & Marketing with Andrea Adler


Andrea’s unflagging energy and enthusiasm helped me through periods of self-doubt as an author. By continuing to push me even when what I thought what I had written was acceptable, she took me to the next level. And her constant striving for excellence helped produce a website I’m proud to have my name on.

Anthony J. Bond:
Author of Bond. Anthony Bond: Adventures in My Own Right


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrea for the past four months where she has consulted me on my Internet startup business. She has proven to be an excellent resource, providing needed insight and probing questions, all of which supported me to clarify my vision. In addition, she has helped me refine my ‘story’, making it more customer-centric. She is intuitive, has a creative-eye, grasps the big picture, but does not get lost in the details. She is professional, responsive, easy to work with, and of high-integrity. I look forward to continuing our work together and highly recommend her services.

Jonathan Kaye
CEO and Founder, Inspired Life


I loved working with Andrea Adler. She is a creative, intelligent, highly motivated dynamo! She translated the themes of my book and my soul purpose into a warm, welcoming, intelligent web site that perfectly reflects my truth and my voice. The process was simple and pleasurable because of Andrea’s exceptional expertise and insights.

Irene Weinberg


Andrea Adler is a highly professional, talented and wonderful woman. She is extremely astute, focused and able to cut right through to what is essential in marketing. She works fast and effectively producing electric results. I am delighted with her production and direction on my corporate website.

Nikki Slade
Chemistry @ Work


Working with Andrea has been a joyful and engaging, give and take experience. I chose her services to match my desire to approach what I do in a holistic, spiritually guided manner. She continually met and exceeded my expectations.

Through creativity, intuition and sound marketing logic, Andrea helped me to authentically, and clearly express what represents the heart of my work.
Through this process, I have witnessed her eye for the presentation that will attract those who desire my services in an accessible way as well as her concise writing skills. I am grateful to her expertise, as well as to Andrea, as a person who is true to her own life’s calling.

Sophia Morreale
Board-Certified Music Therapist
Founder of Music Heals Me


Andrea Adler is visionary and a true guide. I had no idea how to create a website until she patiently and brilliantly coaxed out of me what I wanted to convey and the best way to say it. Then she used Andrea magic to make it happen more beautifully than I could have imagined. I would recommend her to anyone.

Deborah Wolf, Ph.D.
Integrative Therapist, NYC.


No matter where you are in the evolutionary road of your life’s mission or business, Andrea helps you get to that next level and beyond. From the first day I sat down with her, I could feel how her knowledge and insight could help me bring all my ideas and concepts into a cohesive structure. And, as we worked together, that is exactly what happened. She is pure creative inspiration! She helped me crystallize all my thoughts, so we could produce what I had in my head, onto my site.

Alejandra Torres
Founder, The e Pack


I wanted an attractive, smart, interactive website to help promote my books, and Andrea threw her creative talents into making that happen. She wasn’t just out of the box, she was box-less, and I am very proud of the final product. Andrea left nothing unaddressed, from color scheme to motion to analyzing every word to be sure it spoke the spirit we wanted to create and the message we wanted to send. What a terrific result!

David Huffstetler


Andrea Adler and her HPR team worked artfully to evoke from me descriptions of my work that were both accurate and accessible. They were persistent in raising the questions and offering wording that brought the pieces of my work into a unified whole.They are experienced in both the subtle, esoteric aspect of healing, as well as the everyday necessities of public relations and business. As a result of working with them, my presentation and business are stronger.”

Sophia-Bowie McCoy


I had no idea how to put my business on a website. Andrea worked closely with my webmaster and staff to create an informative, beautiful website. She was very sharp with her questions and saved me a lot of time trying to think of what to say and how to say it. It’s like she read my mind.

I now have a website the entire clinic can be proud of. Already, more and more people are coming. Past clients are impressed and new clients have more trust in our unique dentistry because of our new website. We are very happy indeed.

Alessandro Procella


I am thrilled with the results of working with Andrea on my website. Andrea has a very sharp mind and a strong intuition about marketing and business. That, combined with a great sense of aesthetics and a deep understanding of people, makes her the perfect person to design websites that bring people success in their endeavors. She knows how to pick out the essentials when choosing what information to share, and is very good at guiding people to present what they do in an authentic way that puts them in their best light.

Grace Garneau


Andrea was sensational in supporting our team with Dr. Asher’s website. She was clear as a bell. Her astute observations helped us choose the look, feel and content quickly. She was a delight to work with.

Benjamin Asher, ND and staff


Andrea is a bright, talented, intuitive PR and marketing person. I had a very insightful consultation with her where she helped clarify my next direction and created a map for how to get there. This was invaluable to me.

We are also working on the content of my new website together. I love that she is on time, delivers what she promises and does a great job. She’s direct and says things straight and to the point and keeps me on schedule to get things done quickly.

Darlene Basch, LCSW


Andrea Adler has helped me create a vision for my future over the next five years and craft content for my website that speaks to exactly who I am and what I want to create. I could not have done this without her invaluable help.

She has a talent for finding the right connection when there is not an obvious one and saying the right words when I am groping for them. It’s as if she dove into my subconscious and found what I wanted to say all along.

Anastasia Chopelas
Founder of The Diamond Method