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“In 1987 I spent $20,000 to become a Jay Abraham marketing protégé. Jay is a true marketing genius who commands around $5,000 an hour for personal consultations – if you can get one and most people consider it well worth every penny, because his advice makes them so much money. I also studied with Gary Halbert who wrote the highest grossing print ad in history. I have studied many of the great marketers of the past.

“Yet from Andrea’s teleclass, I learned things I have never heard or seen anywhere else. Andrea is a master at blending the esoteric with the nuts and bolts. Do not hesitate to spend the time or the money. Just get ready for some ‘Oh my gosh’ moments.”

Alim Thompson, CEO of New Leaf Distributing


“I attended Andrea Adler’s ‘The Science of Spiritual Marketing’ workshop in London, and it was awesome! I highly recommend your attendance on the workshop or engagement with Andrea and her work, be it through her books, CD’s, or private consultation. Andrea teaches simple yet profound techniques to connect you with your vision for your future success, as well as the practical business steps to move you toward achieving that vision. Andrea is sincere, authentic, warm, passionate and engaging. I left the workshop feeling inspired, motivated and brimming with ideas. I now feel more confident in making my dreams become reality. Thank you Andrea!”

Paul Scadding – Director of White Giraffe Solutions


“Omigod! Andrea Adler’s workshop is exactly the practical blueprint within an uplifting framework that all of us spiritual practitioners need and have been looking for, for so long. You are absolutely brilliant to have included this in the program at the OPEN CENTER! I think it should be an ongoing offering, especially as word gets out. All the people who have been trained by the Open Center and other practitioners can benefit so much from this imaginative, practical, inspiring offering.”

Deborah Wolf,
Spiritual Psychotherapist


“Thanks to Andrea Adler, I am the proud founder of www.animalreikisource.com. It is one of the most successful animal Reiki websites in the world. Andrea’s workshop helped me to gain the confidence I needed to forge ahead. The holistic concepts she shared were so practical and easy to follow. The vision of my future was so vivid, so palpable and memorable, that it kept me going for years. The step-by-step strategy she had me follow and her enthusiastic wisdom helped me to move through one the most challenging obstacles I ever had to face. I would not have this success without her support.”

Kathleen Prasad, Founder of AnimalReikiSource.com


“Andrea’s workshop is like being in a cosmic classroom, the ultimate “think tank” and coffee grinder of egos. It is a microcosm of the most sacred place, and an opportunity for each of us to evolve and bring our wealth of wisdom into the world.”

George Field, Graphic Designer


“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your workshop. You are so engaging and inspiring. It has been years since I wanted to participate in any course. But yours was fun and informative.

“You are a master teacher and impart so much wisdom, so beautifully. Your workshop is truly transforming. I am going to recommend that you become a guest speaker at several venues.”

Mimi’s Natural, Rejuvenation Café


“Andrea Adler’s workshop, The Science of Spiritual Marketing, was a life changer for me. I had no idea what to expect and left her workshop revitalized and inspired. She is smart – She has integrity – She has a wonderful sense of humor – and Andrea makes tremendous sense.

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone whose business or project needs a reboot!! I now have a cohesive, effective path to follow for my new book. I am so very grateful and happy that I took Andrea’s workshop!”

Irene Weinberg, Author of
They Serve Bagels in Heaven


“The only true limiting factor each of has in our lives and our businesses is our own self. We may have circumstances, handicaps or situations that present challenges, but only we create our limitations. We all struggle with our walls, even though they are illusions. Andrea Adler, with love, gentleness and wisdom, creates a doorway, a bridge, a passage out of our cells into freedom.

“Andrea is awesome, beautiful, peaceful, powerful and empowering. Her wisdom creates a doorway, a bridge and a passage out of our cells into freedom.”

Larry M. Levine, President
Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp.


“As a businessman and coach for high-level executives, I need information quickly and succinctly. After listening to Andrea speak at our Coach Conference, I was so impressed with her depth of understanding, her concise approach and dynamic delivery that I hired her for a consultation and to coach me. The journey continues and I gain new understanding each time we meet.”

Richard Freedman, The Freedman Group


“I am Dharani (Aleida) Armijo. I am a graphic designer who took Andrea’s workshop in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. I wanted to share with you that I was unable to come up a website that would define the uniqueness of my work. After her workshop, I came up with the idea that I wanted to come from the heart, and in a way that would be different from other designers. I looked up the heart chakra symbol and incorporated it into my name initial “A” and that’s how it came to be. Thank you for a truly inspirational workshop where I repeatedly reap the fruits of its planted seeds.”

Dharani (Aleida) Armijo


“Thank you so much for coming to Long Island to give your workshop. I enjoyed the workshop immensely. You are dynamic and truly guided. Your services will not only assist the holistic/therapeutic community, but will make a strong impact on the shifting paradigm. I love that everything you spoke about is neatly arranged in your book – what a great resource.

“I felt so much enthusiasm after the workshop. Many ideas are coming to me about the holistic nurses alliance. Let’s discuss which dates you are available, end of summer or fall, and plan another workshop for this area.”

Jean Holtsford


“Thank you for your clear, concise, heartfelt workshop and for bringing your book to LIFE. Your presentation was so welcoming, inspiriting and empowering, so, centered in love. I experienced the practical approach that disarmed my fears and inner critic that limits my expansion and offerings that I want to share with the world.”

Kim Sibbald


“Andrea Adler is a marvelous speaker, a talented communicator and has a magnificently radiant spirit.

“I have taken many courses and seminars on PR but none which validates us as spiritual beings. A lot of what Andrea said sunk in and I’m already getting my resume, bio and sound bytes together along with my newly found motivation and renewed enthusiasm.”

Gene Krackehl,


“What an excellent workshop! I am very glad that I attended and will utilize what I have learned. With Andrea’s experience, skill and wisdom there are many practitioners in this country that will benefit from hearing what she has to say.”

Paul Lamb, QiGong Therapist


“When I came to your workshop and listened to you, I felt empowered. You mirrored the beauty of my soul and my power to find my sound byte. I saw that my task was to express what I do and not look anywhere else — to have the faith that it is in me. As I find the courage to express myself, I find I can keep my power. And in the presence of someone like you, I’m able to reach down and see it in myself. That was your gift to me. Thank you. You are a special lady.”

Nancy Doyle


“Andrea Adler’s workshop, gave me an in-depth look at the world of PR possibilities for marketing my practice. Her method emphasizes tools to develop one’s self-image and inspires creative thinking. All one needs is to follow through on all her wonderful suggestions!”

Andrea Candee, Master Herbalist


“I left the workshop feeling so full.There was so much for me to learn. And here I thought I knew all that there was to know about running a business. No wonder my practice isn’t what it could be. Thank you for your humor, your sensitivity and your intelligent approach to this challenging issue.”

Sonya Miller, Reiki Practitioner


“Andrea’s workshop is truly inspired in the full sense of the word “TRUTH”. I found it clear and organized. I feel that she offered so many essential tools so that we can soar in the healing arts profession.”

Diane Shepardson


“This workshop has given me great enthusiasm and very practical ways that I can make available to my community the things that are most valuable to me. I particularly enjoyed your step-by-step approach and the stories that validated your teachings.”

Jagruti Oucet


“I thank you for generously sharing your wisdom and experience. Your enthusiasm and conviction carried the truth of your words and made a great impact. You not only shared practical details (and shared them clearly and with great specificity), you also shared the deeper motivation and understanding of the healing professions. Thank you! Your workshop was an inspired gift.”

Gulabi Peterson, Artist


“What a WONDERFUL workshop! The soundbite information, especially, for me, was worth its weight in gold. I’m so tired of stumbling about, confusing people with too much information, and being embarrassed because I know what a mess I’m making of it all. I will gather the jewels you laid before us and use them to the best of my ability. Someday, I hope you’ll be able to use MY brochure and press release packet as an example of How -To.”

Connie Jagodzinski