Holistic PR & Marketing with Andrea Adler

The Tao of Marketing

Andrea’s signature workshop integrates cutting-edge marketing strategies and holistic methodologies.  For 30 years, this course has transformed people’s lives, moving business owners beyond their limited beliefs into an expanded state of conscious conviction.  Adopting innovative techniques, quantum methodologies and soul searching questions, lives have changed and millionaires have been created.

As you move through this course, you begin to cultivate a deeper sense of your souls purpose and step into it without hesitation.

By understanding network science, connecting to links, nodes, hubs and influencers, you develop strategic alliances that can elevate your personal relationships, as well as your business relationships.

By combining ancient wisdom and business acumen, you will learn how to work with the energy of money. You will make quantum leaps in your thinking, move through your fear, step beyond your comfort zone, and become clear as to which marketing materials and social media platforms best serve you.

From this holographic perspective, you will walk out of the Tao of Marketing Workshop with a plethora of transformative tools, including your personal “mind map” and a five-year marketing plan.

From the conceptual to the practical, this powerful infusion of creative tools will provide you with the opportunity to design a life and a business that is unique, fulfilling, and sustainable.

Whether you want to expand your current business, switch gears entirely, pursue a great idea or create a partnership . . . whether you are an author, a lawyer, a holistic practitioner, a filmmaker or the owner of a fortune 500 Company . . .You may want to invest in this course:

Be prepared to . . .

  • Breakthrough old thought patterns
  • Move Beyond Your Comfort Zones
  • Align with Your Souls Destiny
  • Monetize Your Intuition
  • Face, Transmute, and Release Your Demons
  • Foster Endless Creativity
  • Learn Brain Gymnastic Drills
  • Practice Dynamic Meditation
  • Learn to Make Relevant Choices
  • Resist the Pull of the Ego
  • Move Through Fear Gracefully
  • Learn to Quantum Think
  • Leverage your Assets
  • Define Your Mission and Your Story
  • Mind Map Your Strategy (Network Science)
  • Solidify the Story of Your Business
  • Incorporate the Three Stages of Creativity
  • Flow with the Energy of Money
  • Embody the Power of the Word
  • Learn and Discern Publishing Options
  • Connect to the Media
  • Master Your Sound Bite
  • Learn Website Pro’s and Con’s
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Strategize Your Book, Your Articles
  • Respond from Abundance
  • Embrace Fearlessness
  • Master Discipline
  • Embody Courage

Interested in offering this course?

e-mail:  andrea@HolisticPR.com
 or call: 917-724-1307